March 21, 2016

Press Release - For Immediate Release

Campaign Committee Forms to Oppose June Measure A Vote on the Nishi Project in Davis

A new political campaign, No on Measure A- No on Nishi , was formed with the Secretary of State (FPPC 1383325) to oppose the Nishi development project recently placed on the June 7 ballot as Measure A by the Davis City Council.

The No on Measure A – No on Nishi campaign urges voters to reject approval of this project and send it back to the City and developer to renegotiate project terms more favorable to UCD student renters, low-income Davis residents, our City finances, and our environment.


For more information contact Alan Pryor, Treasurer, No on Nishi – No on Measure A,, 916-996-4811


According to Mr. Pryor, “I have been an unabashed supporter of Davis in the past 6 years having previously served as chair or treasurer of the last 3 big-ticket measures voted on by Davis residents - Yes on Measure D (the Parks Parcel Tax measure), Yes on Measure I (the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Project measure), and Yes on Measure O (the Sales Tax measure).

I willingly served these roles because I believed those measures were in the best long term economic and environmental interests of Davis and would benefit all of its residents. Unfortunately, the Nishi project sent to the voters of Davis by our City Council will not similarly benefit Davis as much as it enriches the developers."