No on Nishi

2736 Brentwood Pl.

Davis CA 95618

Note: State campaign laws require donors of $100 or more to list their address, occupation (or retired, student, unemployed), and employer (if any).

Every little bit helps!


The No on Nishi - No on Measure A Campaign relies completely on contributions from everyday citizens and small businesses like yourself for all of our expenses and outreach needs. We do not have multimillionaire developers who can pour countless dollars into slick advertising  brochures and paid canvassers to influence election outcomes like the Nishi promoters. Every dollar we collect is carefully spent on only critical needs such a lawn signs, campaign brochures, and targeted mailings.

Please contribute and help out in any way you can by clicking on the <Donate> button above to donate with a credit card or PayPal account or send your check to the following address: